Explanation of Services




First Phase:


Brain Storm

The initial garden design consultation involves a visit to your site and a discussion of your requirements. All designs utilize your own criteria and ideas. The first stage of the process involves a very detailed discussion to ascertain exactly what comprises your ideal garden. Elements such as the intended use of your garden, period and materials of the property, your likes and dislikes, soil type, orientation, favored plants colors/shapes will be considered.


Site Survey

A site survey is carried out before any design work takes place.  This is undertaken either by us, or in the case of larger or more complex sites, a surveyor.  It shows the house, boundaries, existing features and levels required for the subsequent preparation of the garden design.  We measure and take stock of all features, plants and hard landscaping and make notes as to what is to go and what to stay. At this stage we will also take readings to determine the PH and fertility levels of the soil so that appropriate plants are suggested in the final plan.


Conceptual Design

An outline plan or plans of the garden design is then created as a springboard for further discussion. This includes all of the main elements of the garden i.e. all hard landscaping features, all beds and borders, water features (if any), and any other permanent fixtures, along with mood boards depicting the style, finish and planting of the scheme.  Preliminary lighting and irrigation plans can be included.  At this point any changes can be made or any new ideas added.



Will be arranged to review the outline plans and approve the overall concept, which allows us to move on to the next phase.  At this point any changes can be made or any new ideas added.  A revision meeting will follow if necessary.  Any further revisions or changes to the conceptual design after this point could incur additional costs charged at our hourly rate.


Second Phase:


Layout and Planting Plans

The layout plan incorporates any amendments agreed with you and is the plan from which a landscape contractor will be able to cost, set out and build the garden. Construction drawings of specific garden

structures, water features or hard surfaces may be required and will accompany the layout plan.  The plan can be created for staggered implementation of the design.  If you have special needs, these will be catered for.


The planting plan shows the location and spacing of all the plants, both new and existing, in the design. We will back up planting suggestions with pictures and details on flowering time, size and special characteristics.  An accompanying schedule lists the plant names, sizes and quantities and is used for costing, ordering and setting out the plants.




Project Management

Because our clients lead busy lives, and to ensure a satisfactory outcome, we also offer a project management service and will monitor the progress of your garden from start to finish. We prepare all necessary documentation, invite select contractors to quote, and help you choose the right contractor for your project.    We will then oversee the work, act as an intermediary between you and the contractor, approve staged payments to the contractor and inspect the work at the project’s conclusion.


Planting and Maintenance

After the garden has been constructed we are able to source, supply and set out all the plants and decorative elements in your garden and organize the planting and any special features. We supply plants of the highest quality at competitive prices, from carefully selected nurseries. We can also prepare easy to understand maintenance guidelines to ease you gently into caring for your new garden.


Health Checks

We take interest in the garden’s design after the project is completed and offer follow-up garden' health checks.


Budget Letter

When a significant number of items have been selected, a budget letter will be submitted.  All plants and other items will be listed on this budget letter and when you approve with a signature and deposit of 50%, the purchasing process begins.  The items are billed when they ship.